Submit a request


When submitting a new request, the more you can tell us upfront about the following, the better we can support you:

Versions of software (Rancher, K8S, Docker, Operating Systems)
There is no fun in going back and forth on establishing basic, necessary information such as which version of software a request has been filed for. To cut down on back-and-forth cycle times, please tell us upfront the versions a request pertains to.

Severity level of your request
Our severity levels 1-3 apply to incidents, such as system outage and loss of functionality. Severity level 4 is for non-incidents such as general questions, requests for guidance on best practices, and requests for new features. Refer the Rancher Support Terms of Service page for more details on our SLAs for these different severity levels.

Time zone of where you are located
It is possible you are located in a different time zone than where the support subscription has been purchased from by your organization. Knowing your time zone helps us support you with the Rancher Support Engineer best aligned with your hours.

Lastly, where needed, have those logs ready.
Go ahead, use the tools we have provided here for capturing logs and systems information.