Pods return to the Initializing status even though containers in the pod are running

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After successfully starting pods return to the 'Initializing status'. When reviewed an init container is failing to start, even though other containers are running. If one of the running containers fails it will not be restarted due to the failed init container. This can be seen in the following example: Image showing one pod Initializing

Init container is failing to start, even though other containers are running: Image showing init container crashing


Isssue background

This happens when the init container is removed from the host matchine. Because init containers have run to complettion, and are terminated, this can happen when a docker system prune or docker container prune is run on the node. When the kubelet sees that the init container in no longer exists it will try and rerun it. Depending on the init container operation this may fail on a pod that is already running (e.g linkerd).

Avoiding the issue

Where possible, manually pruning images on Kubernetes nodes should be avoided. The kubelet has a built in image cleanup mechanism to remove unused containers and images. Where it's not possible to avoid manual clean up, init containers that are stopped should not be removed. A list of init container IDs can be generated with the following command:

kubectl get pods --all-namespaces -o jsonpath='{range .items[*].status.initContainerStatuses[*]}{.containerID}{"\n"}{end}' | cut -d/ -f3

The below script can be used to generate a list of containers to clean on a remote node, e.g.


INIT_CONTAINERS=$(kubectl get pods --all-namespaces -o jsonpath='{range .items[*].status.initContainerStatuses[*]}{.containerID}{"\n"}{end}' | cut -d/ -f3)
TERMED_PODS=$(ssh -o LogLevel=QUIET -t ${USER}@${NODE_TO_CLEAN} sudo docker ps -qa --filter status=exited --no-trunc | sed -e 's/\r//g')

CONTAINERS_TO_REMOVE=$(comm -23 <(echo $TERMED_PODS | sort) <(echo $INIT_CONTAINERS | sort) )

ssh -o LogLevel=QUIET -t ${USER}@${NODE_TO_CLEAN} bash <<EOF
    sudo docker rm $(echo "\${CONTAINERS_TO_REMOVE}") && sudo docker image prune -af


There is currently no long term resolution.

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