How to Determine the Rancher Leader, in Rancher v2.x

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During troubleshooting it may be useful to know which of the Rancher server pods, running as part of the rancher Deployment in the cattle-system namespace, is the current leader, and this article details the steps to determine this.



Via the Rancher UI

The cattle-controllers ConfigMap under the kube-system namespace

  1. Navigate to the local cluster in which Rancher is installed.

  2. Click the Projects/Namespaces tab, and select the System project.

  3. Under the Resources tab, select Config.

  4. Locate the cattle-controllers ConfigMap, under the kube-system namespace.

  5. Expand the Labels & Annotations section and note the current leader pod name in the holderIdentity field.

Via kubectl with a script

With the kubeconfig for the Rancher server cluster sourced, the leader can be determined using the following script:

curl | sh

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