How to disable Grafana usage analytics reporting for cluster and project monitoring in Rancher v2.2.x - v2.4.x

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By default, Grafana will report usage analytics to the endpoint at In an air-gapped environment this can result in many connection timeout or proxy certificate errors in the Grafana pod logs of cluster and project monitoring, as in the following example:

lvl=eror msg="Failed to send usage stats" logger=metrics err="Post x509: certificate signed by unknown authority"

This article outlines how to disable this usage analytics reporting in the Grafana instance of cluster and project monitoring for Rancher v2.2.x - v2.4.x.


  • Rancher v2.2.x - v2.4.x
  • Cluster or project monitoring enabled


  1. Navigate to either the main cluster page or a project for which you have configured monitoring.
  2. Click "Tools" in the top menu bar and then "Monitoring".
  3. Click "Show advanced options" at the bottom of the page to reveal the "Answers" fields and add the following two answers:

  4. Click "Save".

  5. You can verify this by checking the logs for the Grafana Pod, which should show the following near the top of the logs at container startup:
    lvl=info msg="Config overridden from Environment variable" logger=settings var="GF_ANALYTICS_REPORTING_ENABLED='false'"

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