Rancher v2.5.1 is now available

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The following Rancher product versions became available recently:

Rancher Version Release Date Release Notes Support Matrix Default k8s version
v2.5.1 October 07, 2020 Release Notes Support Matrix v1.19.2

Why v2.5.1 was needed within a day of release of v2.5.0?

Due to a random corruption of the rancher-agent image on Docker Hub, the build version has been incremented to 2.5.1 to produce new build artifacts. There are no bug fixes, enhancements, or code changes introduced in this version.

More details

Refer to issue #29424 in the rancher/rancher repo and, for the likely underlying issue, see Images suddenly not able to be pulled with "error pulling image configuration: unknown blob at hub-feedback.

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