What information is stored in Hosted Rancher and where is it stored?

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What information is stored in Hosted Rancher and where is it stored?


Hosted Rancher stores the following information:

User Data

  • First and last name of users (aka Display Name)
  • Login id and password. Password is stored using one way encryption and transported using TLS.
  • Other user information from GitHub, Microsoft Active Directory, etc. if authentication integration is enabled.

Cloud Provider Credentials (if provided)

  • Amazon Web Services Access Key and Secret Key
  • Microsoft Azure Subscription ID, Client ID, Client Secret
  • DigitalOcean Access Token
  • Linode Access Token
  • VMWare vSphere endpoint, Username, and Password
  • Similar types of keys, tokens, or credentials for other cloud providers that are enabled by the customer.

Other Application Data

  • Catalogs and Helm Charts
  • CIS Scan Results
  • Cluster Monitoring Metrics (if turned on)
  • Cluster infrastructure, including node roles, node hardware specs, node software versions, workload metadata, workload logs.
  • Anything else entered by the customer in the Rancher user interface, API, or CLI which could change from version to version.

Data is stored in our third-party cloud service provider on virtual machines managed by the Hosted Rancher operations team in the region/country selected by the customer.

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