How to pull the logs from the rancher-wins service on a Windows node in a Rancher v2.x provisioned Kubernetes cluster

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In Windows Kubernetes clusters, available in Rancher v2.3.0 and above, the rancher-wins service provides a method for Rancher to operate the Windows host. Whilst troubleshooting a Windows cluster issue it may be necessary to pull the logs from this service, as documented in this article.


  • A Windows Kubernetes cluster provisioned by Rancher v2.3.0 and above


To pull the logs from the rancher-wins service, execute the following command in a Powershell session on the node:

Get-EventLog -LogName Application -Source rancher-wins > wins.log

This will write the logs to the file wins.log in the working directory, which you can then provide in your Rancher Support Ticket, for analysis.

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