How is uptime measured for my Hosted Rancher?

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How is uptime measured for my Hosted Rancher?


Hosted Rancher currently uses Pingdom for measuring uptime. Your Hosted Rancher endpoint is tested every one minute and is considered down if a response is not returned within five seconds. Pingdom tests endpoints from over 100 locations across the world. Uptime for the month is calculated dividing the number of uptime minutes by the total number of minutes in the month. For example, in the month of May, there are 44,640 minutes (60 X 24 X 31). If there were 5 minutes of downtime and 44,635 minutes of uptime, the uptime measurement would be 44,635 / 44,640 = 99.989%. Please also refer to your Rancher Labs Service Agreement for the legal definitions for uptime.

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