We need to run Antivirus on our cluster nodes. Would that impact the terms of service of our Rancher Support SLA?

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Rancher Support SLA is based on our QA validation and certification on default OS kernels for operating systems listed in the product support matrices.

Antivirus software adds an unknown variable to the existing complexity of Kubernetes.  Most of them have not yet kept up with newer technologies such as Kubernetes and not reached a CNCF certified status.  In environments where antivirus software had been enabled, Rancher Support has seen issues stemming from interfering actions from such software.  As an example, there have been incidents where the antivirus software had pruned files in the Docker filesystem incorrectly, causing the Docker mounts to go corrupt.

Issues resulting from third party tools, such as antivirus and intrusion detection software, interfering with Docker or other necessary system calls are deemed resolved should disabling such tools restore functionality.

Lastly, all certified configurations, as published in the product support matrices, are based on default settings of individual components. Where a customer environment has deviated from certified configurations, Rancher Labs reserves the right to recommend the customer to revert to a certified configuration to resolve the reported issue.

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