How to generate a Longhorn Support Bundle

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When troubleshooting an issue with Longhorn, Rancher Support may request a Longhorn Support Bundle, which can be generated via the Longhorn UI, and contains system information and logs.


  • A Rancher v2.x managed Kubernetes cluster with Longhorn deployed


Generate the Support Bundle

  1. Log in into the Rancher UI.
  2. Select the cluster with Longhorn depoyed.
  3. Select the Project where Longhorn is deployed (typically under the System project).
  4. Click on "Apps" button.
  5. Find the Longhorn system app and click on the index.html button:

    click on index.html

  6. Click on the "Generate Support Bundle" in the bottom left of the screen:

    Click on the Gen Support bundle

  7. Type in a description and click generate (issue url is optional):

    Fill out information

Upload the Support Bundle

Generally Longhorn Support Bundles files are small in size; however, if the pack is too large to upload directly to the ticket, please request a temporary upload location.

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