Our team is global. How can our distributed teams get SLA-based support on non-Sev1 tickets within their own business hours?

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A subscription to a Rancher Support Plan is bound to one of our business hour timezone locations, as called out in this article, Does Rancher not offer support in my own timezone?, as well as on the terms of service page on the rancher.com website.

We understand that many customers have global teams across continents and their distributed teams may need to file non-Sev1 tickets (for example, at a Severity 2 level) and be supported for them per response times of those severity levels within their own business hours.

To address this global team scenario, Rancher Support has been piloting a Location add-on plan to the Platinum support plan with select customers.  

Please contact your Rancher Customer Success Manager if you are interested in finding out more.

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