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Refer the terms of service page for general details on Rancher Support.

Answers to many frequently asked questions have been posted under the following sections.  You will need to be signed in to browse through the FAQs and the answer posts.  If you would like to received a copy of all the FAQs in a single PDF document, please request the Rancher Customer Success Manager for your organization or simply file the request as a support ticket.

# Section
 1  Basic Support Operations
 2  Phone, Slack and Support Tools
 3  Support Coverage and Response Times
 4   Severity Levels, Designations and Escalations
 5   RCA, Resolution, and Closure
 6   Logs Collection and Data Residency
 7   Requests for Enhancements (RFE)
 8   Product Releases and Support Phases
 9   Request for Assistance
 10   Rancher and RancherOS
 11   Kubernetes
 12   Docker and OS
 13   Security
 14   Certified Integrations
 15   Included Open Source Software (OSS) Components
 16   Third-party Software Components
 17   Support Matrix
 18   Node Drivers and Infrastructure
 19   Kubernetes Cloud Providers
 20   Application Charts
 21   Support for All Other Rancher Labs Software Projects
 22   For Partners
 23   Customizations
 24   Localization
 25   Licensing and Usage
 26   Customer Satisfaction and Providing Feedback

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