Rancher v2.4.2, v2.3.6, v2.2.11 now available

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The following Rancher product versions became available recently:

Rancher Version Release Date Release Notes Support Matrix Default k8s version
v2.4.2 Apr 01, 2020 Release Notes Support Matrix v1.17.4
v2.3.6 Mar 30, 2020 Release Notes Support Matrix v1.17.4
v2.2.11 Apr 08, 2020 Release Notes Support Matrix v1.15.11


For Rancher v2.4.x:

For these reasons, the first version we recommend using in the Rancher v2.4.x line is v2.4.2 that is however still tagged as "latest" and not "stable".  Refer What is the difference between "stable" and "latest" release tags?

For the 2.2.x series:

  • Please note that the 2.2.x series will reach its EOM milestone date on April 15, 2020.  After this date and until its EOL milestone (October 15, 2020), Rancher v2.2.x will be in "Limited Support" phase.  Refer this FAQ article to understand what this means: What is "Full Support" vs "Limited Support"? 

Refer Rancher terms of service page for updates to the support matrices.

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