The password I set is not working

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"The password I set as part of clicking on the link in the verification email does not work when I try to sign in."

Root Cause

This support site is powered by Zendesk Help Center.  The user experience in Zendesk for setting one's own password does not require a user to type the password string twice to mitigate input errors.


Because there isn't a data entry error validation that forces a user to type the password string twice and matches them, one of the following seem a valid hypothesis on why the password did not work:

  • Keyboard entry error by user
  • User machine likely impacted by faulty key issues such as in this discussion

Both of the above could result in a mismatch between what the user thought they typed versus what got stored as the password.


To fix this problem:

  1. Use the Forgot my password link in the SIgn in box to reset the password again.  Direct link here.  To make sure the faulty keyboard or keyboard entry error is not the issue, construct your password string in a text editor where you are able to see it and then copy-paste the string into the reset password form.  And, then try signing in again with the new password string.
  2. If 1 does not address the issue, please request your Customer Success Manager for a password reset on your behalf.



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