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March 16, 2020

This advisory was first communicated by email, on the date mentioned above, to all Rancher customers with a then active support subscription.

Dear Rancher Customer,

As novel coronavirus (COVID-19) diagnoses continue to increase around the world, Rancher Labs is committed to providing a safe environment for our employees and ensuring business continuity for our customers and partners. We are confident that coronavirus (COVID-19) will not significantly impact our ability to continue our product development and to provide world-class support to you. The commitment of our customers since our founding has put Rancher in a rock-solid financial position from which we can remain steadfast in our own commitment to you, our valued customers, even through the toughest of times. Our recent announcement of series D funding only makes our position stronger. Thank you for continuing to place your trust in us.

In these current times, at Rancher Labs, we are very thankful that we are already able to conduct most of our business remotely. The Rancher support organization is now very global in its presence and coverage, and predominantly uses secure infrastructure and services in the cloud. Here are a couple of FAQs from our Customer Support Portal (requires login), providing more details on these two aspects:

Our ability to conduct our business remotely has enabled us to implement our own work-from-home policy in a very agile manner. Additionally, we are taking increased measures to maintain business continuity and protect the health of our employees, such as:

  • Cancellation of all non-critical business travel in favor of meetings over video conference
  • Recommendation to team to avoid non-urgent personal travel
  • Requiring any employee that boards an aircraft, either domestically or abroad, to work from home for a 14-day precautionary period before coming back to the office
  • Cancellation of planned events, parties, meet-ups, and conferences
  • Sharing of best practice health tips with our team and continue to keep them updated on a daily basis
  • Keeping all on-site meetings and interviews to an absolute minimum, proceeding with video interviews instead
  • Increase in the frequency of office cleaning and availability of hand sanitizing options

We will continue to meticulously monitor news from the World Health Organization, among other sources and guidelines, and are committed to reassessing the situation and adjust our plans accordingly.

We wish you and your families good health and thank you for continuing to place your trust in us. Your trust is the bedrock of our success and a responsibility we take very seriously. We welcome your thoughts and feedback on how we can best support you through these difficult times.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or inquiries.


Bala Gopalan

Vice President, Global Support




Dave Getzler

Vice President, Customer Success



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