How do I edit my cluster using RKE Templates?

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After converting / managing a cluster using RKE Templates, when trying to make changes under "Edit Cluster" the 'Edit' button is gone and removed features such as the Kubernetes version dropdown menu. Where did this go?


Kubernetes clusters managed by the RKE Template feature


If your Kubernetes cluster now has an RKE Template attached, you now need to make changes to your cluster in the RKE Template section

Navigate to Global --> Tools ---> RKE Tempates

Click the three-dot menu to make a new revision

Here is where you will make changes to the cluster configuration and save it as a new version. However it won't take effect immediately.

After saving the revision, navigate back to your cluster, click Edit. Under "Cluster Options", there will be a drop down menu to select which version of your template you want to use. Select your new version and Save.

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