How would Rancher Support troubleshoot issues on systems where any external access is not allowed, for reasons of security and compliance?

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"How are you going to do the support for production systems, particularly for financial institutions that have to comply with PCI-DSS standards and that will not allow external access to the systems?"

Not just for customer systems that need to comply with restrictions but the following is applicable to any customer system that is covered by Rancher Support:

A Rancher Support Engineer will never work on an issue on any customer system directly and with unmonitored access.

Any troubleshooting will be done via a combination of the following:

  • Log collection.  Refer this, this and this link for what kind of logs Rancher Support would collect.
  • Over a screen share session and with the customer on a jump box.

Should there be very high security scenarios where troubleshooting via the above is still not possible, Rancher Support can still help troubleshoot issues but help can only be provided in a second hand manner.  That is to say, any response can only be provided to the extent of the sanitized information shared by the Customer, with Rancher Support, and in a back-and-forth request-response transaction that may not be very efficient.  

Where such scenarios are well known and an access-based support is still sought, Customer is requested to inquire with their Rancher Account Executive or Customer Success Manager for other commercial models of engagement such as a Designated Support Engineer or via Rancher Federal.


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