The Rancher v2.x Linux log collector script

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Rancher v2.x Linux log collection

Logs can be collected from a Linux node within a Rancher v2.x cluster using the Rancher v2.x log collector script.

N.B. This script can only be used to collect logs from Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE) CLI provisioned clusters, K3s clusters, Rancher provisioned Custom clusters, and Rancher provisioned clusters using a Node Driver. This script is not suitable for collecting logs from Hosted Kubernetes Provider clusters.

The script needs to be downloaded and run directly on the host using the root user or using sudo, as follows:

wget -O- | sudo bash -s

By default the output will be written to /tmp to a gziped tar file named <hostname>-<datetime>.tar.gz


The available flags that can be passed to the script can be found in the Rancher v2.x log collector script README.

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