Rancher v2.3.4, v2.2.10, v2.1.14 now available

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The following Rancher product versions released yesterday (January 16, 2020):

Rancher Version Release Notes Support Matrix
v2.3.4 Release Notes Support Matrix
v2.2.10 Release Notes Support Matrix
v2.1.14 Release Notes Support Matrix


For Rancher v2.3.4:

  • Kubernetes 1.17 is now the default version.
  • vSphere v6.7 is now supported for VMware node driver.

For the 2.2.x and 2.1.x series:

  • Due to support for cert-manager v0.12.0, a new Helm chart has been released to install Rancher. The underlying Rancher server container has only been updated to support the updated cert-manager changes. If you are using older cert-manager versions, please see the documentation on how to upgrade cert-manager.

Refer Rancher terms of service page for updates to the support matrices.

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