I filed an RFE as a support ticket. What should I expect on how it will be followed up on?

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For any RFEs received via a support ticket, Rancher Support will update the ticket with a GitHub link to the enhancement request.

Rancher Support will try to understand your request first and then qualify the request with information on business impact, time sensitivity and criticality. It is not uncommon at all for there to be follow-up questions from Rancher Support on your request. This information will be most helpful to advocate for the request with Rancher Product Management.

Unless there is a pressing urgency that has been understood and acknowledged, it could take up to a few weeks to triage the RFE (from the product backlog) through our release planning and identify the earliest release vehicle the item could be considered for (or committed to).

As there is progress and/or should there be specific questions from Engineering, Rancher Support will keep you updated via this ticket. As necessary, Rancher Support will also recommend and schedule/facilitate a direct web conference session for you with our product management to go over the RFE.

For committed RFEs, Rancher Support will update you as the item gets closer to its general availability via a new Rancher release or keep you informed should there be any delays or proposed change in previously understood scope.

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