Could you illustrate the severity levels with subject lines of sample tickets?

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Here are some sample subject lines by severity level:

Severity Level Subject Line of Sample Tickets
Severity 1
  1. Production cluster is down

  2. Apps in production cluster throwing '502 Bad Gateway' Error

  3. Enabled enhanced cluster monitoring and the cluster sporadically goes offline

  4. etcd not healthy in production rancher server

  5. Kubernetes ingress endpoint went unresponsive

Severity 2
  1. etcd restore failed for RKE-deployed cluster

  2. Microservices client encounters UnknownHostException in Production

  3. Network traffic routed over IPsec is super slow

  4. LDAP is intermittently failing to log in users in one of our environments

  5. DNS intermittent timeouts

Severity 3
  1. Webhook notifier not working as expected

  2. Need assistance with creating custom global roles to prevent cluster creation

  3. Problem adding new nodes to clusters

  4. Ingress timeout issue in Rancher-deployed cluster

  5. Bug: Unable to add AD groups to Rancher ACLs

Severity 4
  1.  Ability to change UID and GID in docker containers on container creation.
  2. Feature Request: Show audit logs content in Rancher UI

  3. FYI: Scheduled upgrade XX/XX/XXXX XX:XXPM, request on-call assistance as needed

  4. How can I disable the creation of the Prometheus-Operator CRDs on cluster creation

  5. Understand the impact of changing IPs of worker nodes in our k8s cluster

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