How do I change severity level on an open ticket?

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Via the support portal, post a new comment with the string bump_to_sev1 or bump_to_sev2 to escalate a ticket to a higher severity. If something can be recategorized to sev3 or sev4, then feel free to use bump_to_sev3 or bump_to_sev4. Using these bump_to_ strings for sev1 and sev2 will trigger our PagerDuty-based workflows.

Via email, if you reply to the latest ticket notification email with one of the above strings, it will recategorize severity and trigger any workflow automations where appropriate.

If you neither have access to the latest ticket notification email nor the web portal, simply send email to Indicate sev1 or sev2 in subject line and refer the ticket ID of existing ticket you would like to see escalated.

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