Will Rancher fix the specific product version that my deployment is on, should a bug be reported in that version?

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As our standard policy, any bug will only be fixed and delivered as a new maintenance release within the minor version of a Rancher product. Customer will be advised to upgrade to this new maintenance release that contains the fix.

Table below illustrates this with an example:

v2.1.3 Version that the Customer deployment is currently on. This is the product version that the bug has been found and acknowledged in, stemming from the support issue reported by Customer.
v2.1.9 Version that is the latest maintenance release of Rancher v2.1 at the time the bug was found and acknowledged.
v2.1.c  Version "c"where the bug is likely to get fixed. Here, "c" = 10 or greater. This is the soonest maintenance release of Rancher 2.1 that the Customer will need to upgrade to, to realize the bug fix.

Should the bug fix be deemed as necessary for other minor versions of the same Rancher product, Rancher shall deliver the fix in an approach similar to the sequence in the above table. For a scenario where v2.0.14 and v2.2.2 are the latest maintenance releases of Rancher v2.0 and v2.2, and the same bug fix needs to be made available in these two minor versions, it is shall only be delivered in a release that is v2.0.15 or later and v2.2.3 or later, respectively.

In extraordinary situations, as an exception to our standard policy and as feasible, Rancher can provide a patch fix on a specific Customer-requested version.  

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