How does Rancher Support handle inactivity on my side or latency in my responses on tickets?

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Rancher Support has an automation in place, called bump-bump-solve (BBS). Our Support process is to move a ticket into an "Awaiting your reply" (PENDING) state should there be need for us to receive further information from our customers to make further progress on a ticket.

The BBS automation reminds the ticket requester upon 3 business days of no response if they need more time to follow-up with us. If yes, then to please let us know. Response here will reset the inactivity clock. This reminder lets the requester (and any emails that are on the CC of the ticket) know that 3 more business days of no response will mark the ticket as resolved. If no response, after 3 business days of the first reminder, system moves the ticket to a SOLVED state. At this point, there is still 4 more business days before ticket goes into a CLOSED state through another automation. Once a ticket is CLOSED, no further update can be made. A new ticket referencing the old closed ticket is the only way to continue the conversation.

Note: at any point during these 10 business days, in the process above, a simple response from your side will reset the inactivity clock and keep the ticket active. Even should the ticket end up getting auto-closed at the end of these 10 business days, a follow-up ticket can easily be created by simply responding to the last email notification or from via the ticket detail page in the Support Portal. See below:

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