Where the major version of RKE is zero (e.g., v0.3.2), how should this be understood from a "semver" standpoint, in terms of RKE being generally available and the nature of Rancher Support?

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RKE is an integral part of Rancher 2.x.  Whilst it is maintained and generally available as standalone software here, it did not have a Rancher Labs product SKU that offers a support subscription, until November 2019, independent of Rancher 2.x.  For this reason, the major version was kept at zero, for releases before November 26, 2019, if you were trying to understand it through the lens of the semver guidelines.

As stated in the response to this question, Does Rancher Support cover RKE (standalone CLI)?, support for RKE is implicit and covered under an active Rancher subscription to one of our support plans.


RKE v1.0.0 released on November 26, 2019 and is a fully conformant kubernetes distribution that is supported commercially by Rancher Labs.  View release notes here.

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