Could you tell us about how we can give you quick feedback on how you are doing?

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Whilst you are always welcome to share your feedback on your support experience with/via your Rancher Account Executive and Customer Success Manager, you do not need to wait for those conversations to provide us feedback on an ongoing basis.  Rancher Support uses NiceReply, a service that sends you feedback requests at the scope of every support response (sent by a Rancher Support person), every solved support ticket, and arbitrarily, on specific tickets.  The requests are made in the form of a simple single response survey question.  Rancher Leadership actively monitors feedback you provide and, based on your feedback, will follow up with you as needed.  FAQs below provide more details on the surveys:

I want to let Rancher Leadership know how I feel overall about Rancher Support based on my experiences up to a specific support ticket. Is there a simple form I can fill out for this?

I want to let Rancher Leadership know if a specific response within a Rancher Support ticket was helpful to me or not. What is the easiest way to do that?

I want to let Rancher Leadership know if Rancher Support effectively helped me resolve the issue identified in a specific support ticket. Is there an automated mechanism that make it easy to provide this feedback?

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