Could you list the application charts that are available in the Rancher Library?

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Tag Rancher Version Application Charts Listed in the "Library" Catalog  Listing Date
None v2.3.3 ChartMuseum, DataDog, Docker Registry, Drone, EFK (Elasticsearch + Fluentbit + KIbana), etcd Operator, Fluentd Aggregator, Grafana, Hadoop, Harbor, Kafka, Kubernetes Dashboard, Magento, MariaDB, Memcached, MongoDB, MongoDB ReplicaSet, MySQL, phpBB, Prometheus, Redis, Vault Operator, Wordpress Jan 2, 2020
Experimental v2.3.3 Kubeflow, Longhorn, NFSProvisioner Jan 2, 2020
Partner v2.3.3 JFrog Artifactory-HA, JFrog Artifactory-JCR, Cockroach DB, Harness Delegate, HPE Flexvolume Driver, Instana Agent, KubeMQ, NeuVector, OpenEBS, Portworx, RedSkyOps, StorageOS Operator, Sysdig, Traefik, Windocks  Jan 2, 2020


† these are the charts listed as of the Listing Date mentioned in the table above

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