What are the tools Rancher Support uses to engage with customers?

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COVID-19 Note (March 13, 2020):

Below are links to responses around COVID-19 from companies that provide the critical cloud-based services that we use to deliver Rancher Support:

Rancher Support uses the following tools that are generally browser/OS agnostic:

Tool Purpose Alternate
Zendesk To respond on Support Tickets + share KB articles N/A
Zoom Screen-share sessions for troubleshooting Customer-provided options such as WebEx, BlueJeans, etc could be used
Box.com For requesting customers to upload specific files (e.g., logs, outputs) for deeper analysis Customer-provided options such as Customer organization's own account on Box.com, Dropbox or bespoke FTP could be used
PagerDuty Alert (text) notifications on high-severity tickets N/A
Calendly To allow customers to book screen-sharing sessions with support engineers for troubleshooting N/A
NiceReply To collect CSAT/CES/NPS survey feedback from customers N/A
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