Where are the collected logs stored?

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Rancher recommends sending logs and other relevant files in one of two preferred ways:

  • As attachments to a ticket response on Zendesk via SendSafely.
  • As a file upload to a secure, customer-scoped folder published by Rancher Support on Box.com.

From a data residency perspective, the data in Rancher Support's accounts on Zendesk, SendSafely and Box.com are persisted in data centers in the US.

Where the above two preferred ways are not an option for a customer, Rancher Support could alternately collect data via one of the following:

  • Download files from customer's own secure endpoint.
  • Set up a dedicated SFTP server on Rancher's account on AWS (US) to share files.
  • Or even set up a screenshare session, via Zoom, to share the files via the screenshare client.

For the duration of troubleshooting, all necessary logs are retained by Rancher personnel for investigation and analysis, on Rancher provided laptops and in one of the online storage options mentioned above.

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