Could you give us an overview of how Rancher Support triages tickets on severe incidents?

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On tickets with high severity, a Rancher Support Engineer will respond per SLA with a request to the customer to get on a screenshare session to look into the issue and troubleshoot for root cause and resolution.

If the customer is unable to join the screenshare within reasonable time (typically, 30 min), the Rancher Support Engineer will recategorize the ticket to the next lower severity level and provide a link to his/her calendar via Calendly so that customer can book a session to look into the problem at a later time.

The Support Engineer who provides the initial response typically is also the designated owner of the ticket and who will be engaging on the ticket through its resolution.

Rancher Support Engineers are highly technical and suitably skilled resources. The Engineer, who provides the initial response, is generally very capable of troubleshooting the issue at a reasonably low level.

In the case of a high severity incident, unless there are blockers due to lack of timely availability of personnel and resource access from the customer side to perform their work, the Rancher Support Engineer will remain dedicated to the ticket and work only on the incident until it is resolved via a suitable and acceptable workaround or by applying configurational changes or via a product update/upgrade. 

If the designated Rancher Support Engineer is unable to resolve the incident within a reasonable amount of time, Rancher Support will engage an incident management team from Rancher that comprises of an additional Support Engineer(s), a Rancher Support / Customer Success Manager and importantly, critical resources from Rancher Engineering to help resolve the issue.

Further, the following escalation path will be available to the customer should there be a need to escalate:

  • Support Engineer
  • Customer Success Manager and/or Account Exec
  • Head of Rancher Support and/or VP of Customer Success
  • Regional VP
  • Co-Founder and VP of Engineering

Upon issue resolution on a severe incident, Rancher Support will publish a final RCA report to the customer. See "Will Rancher provide us an RCA report on critical incidents?"

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