We have a few customizations with our on-premise deployment. For example, we run a forked version of the RKE OpenStack driver with new capabilities. Will Rancher Support cover such customizations?

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Refer section under Customizations on our Support Terms of Service page (also shown below) for the Rancher Support policy on customizations:


Customizations are defined to include any changes to the original source code, including but not limited to changes to the User Interface, the addition or modification of adapters such as for authentication, VM or server provisioning, deploying the software (e.g., the management server) on operating system or Docker versions that are not certified by Rancher Labs, and altering the scripts and byte code included with the product. Customizations to this software may have unintended consequences and cause issues that are not present with the original, unmodified software. As a result, it is Rancher Labs policy that any bugs, defects or other issues that are present in areas of the product that the Company has altered must be reproduced by the Company on an unmodified system prior to the submission of a support case or bug report. Additionally, the Company is required to state all customizations present on the system when submitting a support ticket.

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