My company is standardized on SUSE Linux. I do not see SLES (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server) listed in your support matrix. Does that mean it is not supported by Rancher?

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Update May 06, 2020:

With the releases of Rancher v2.4.3 and v2.3.7, the following SLES versions are now officially supported for Rancher 2.x control plane cluster nodes and downstream cluster nodes:

SLES   Rancher
SLES 15 SP1  :: 

 v2.4.3, v2.3.7

SLES 12 SP5 (with kernel version 4.12.14-122.17)







  • Only SUSE's own distribution of Docker has been validated and certified for Rancher Support. Upstream Docker on SLES is not covered in this scenario.
  • SLES support applies only to RKE cluster nodes and not K3S.

Per public documentation, yes, that is correct. However, we have begun offering commercial support for SLES 12 SP2 to some of our Rancher 2.x customers. Rancher Support can be offered to a new Customer requesting for SLES support. At the right time, Rancher Labs will also update its public documentation to indicate SLES support.

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