Will Rancher support us should our deployment be on Red Hat Atomic?

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Rancher Labs has not validated and certified Red Hat Atomic for inclusion in its Support Matrix as one of the supported operating systems. Following conditions shall apply to Customers procuring Rancher Support for running a Rancher deployment on Red Hat Atomic:

  • Rancher Support is predicated on Customer running a Red Hat distribution of Docker that has been validated and certified for Rancher Support on a comparable, certified version of RHEL OS.
  • Rancher Support will rely on Customer to reproduce the issue on a comparable, certified version of RHEL OS running a fully supported configuration.
  • In the event of Customer encountering an issue whilst using Red Hat Atomic, Rancher Support will troubleshoot up to the point of root-causing the issue. Issues root-caused to be in the Red Hat Atomic OS will need to be taken up by the Customer with Red Hat. Troubleshooting by Rancher Support shall be limited to running scripts and commands, log analysis and screen share sessions with the Customer. It shall not extend to a setting up a Rancher deployment on Red Hat Atomic by Rancher Support to reproduce the issue.
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