What does Rancher support for Docker on Windows Server cover?

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  • Only Docker Enterprise (Docker EE) has been validated and certified for Rancher Support.
  • Support for Windows Server is available only for Rancher v2.3 and higher.
  • Windows clusters are supported for Kubernetes 1.15+ on Windows Server, versions 1809 and 1903. Windows clusters can only be created from new clusters and are supported only with the flannel network provider. You will not need to do any specific scheduling to ensure your Windows workloads are scheduled onto Windows nodes. When creating a Windows cluster, Rancher automatically adds taints to the required Linux nodes to prevent any Windows workloads to be scheduled. If you are trying to schedule Linux workloads into the cluster, you will need to add specific tolerations and node scheduling in order to have them deployed on the Linux nodes.

Rancher support in this scenario will start with issue troubleshooting and RCA (root cause analysis). Where the root cause has been identified as an issue with Docker Enterprise on Windows Server, Rancher will do one of the following, to help Customer resolve the issue:

  • Should the issue have been resolved in a later version of Docker Enterprise, Rancher will recommend Customer to upgrade to this version, along with the necessary upgrades to versions of Windows Server and Rancher that has been certified for this later version of Docker Enterprise.
  • If no fix is available yet for the issue, Rancher will advise the Customer to contact Microsoft directly for issue resolution.  Should a new version or patch be provided by Microsoft Rancher will validate its relevant product versions on the new version or patch and certify it as supported for Customer deployment.
"Docker Enterprise (Windows Server) is available at no additional cost to all Windows Server 2019 and 2016 customers. Technical support is aligned to the Microsoft support entitlement and provided by Microsoft."  Visit the Docker Enterprise (Windows Server 2019 and 2016) page on Docker Hub.
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