Does it matter what hardware my hosts are on? Are virtualized servers supported?

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Rancher Support for Rancher 2.x covers running Rancher and Kubernetes clusters on supported OSes on a 64-bit x86 architecture host.

Refer the terms of service page for supported OS by product version.

Refer this docs page for installation requirements and this docs page for node requirements for user clusters.

These host nodes could be bare-metal or a virtual server running on any Type-1 hypervisor or a cloud server on AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, Google and Linode.

With the exception of KVM, hosts running on Type-2 hypervisors, such as VirtualBox, VMware Fusion or Parallels, are not in scope of Rancher Support. For use cases, where a Rancher Customer is SLA-bound to their downstream users, Rancher Support does not recommend running clusters and workloads on these hosts. Any assistance provided by Rancher Support in this scenario is not bound by the Rancher Support SLA. It shall be limited to being on a best effort basis only and not include troubleshooting issues related to the setup and configuration of the virtual infrastructure.

Refer this page on wikipedia for what is a Type-1 and Type-2 hypervisor.

Hosts on an ARM64 architecture are not covered by Rancher Support SLA.

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