What about support for Longhorn, rio, k3s, k3os, Submariner, and Terraform Rancher2 Provider?

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In June 2020, Longhorn graduated from being just a community project led by Rancher Labs to a product that is now commercially supported by Rancher Labs with a subscription to an add-on plan.  View release notes for Longhorn v1.0.0 here.

In June 2020, Terraform Provider for Rancher v2 graduated from a community project that was supported on a best-effort basis to being fully supported as part of an active subscription to a Rancher Support plan (Standard or Platinum).  Support for this project does not require any additional subscriptions.  Visit the project repo here.

In November 2019, k3s graduated from being just a community project led by Rancher Labs to a fully conformant Kubernetes distribution that is supported commercially by Rancher Labs. View release notes for k3s v1.0.0 here.

Projects rio, k3os, Submariner, and Terraform Rancher2 Provider are open source software projects led by Rancher Labs. These are not yet available for commercial support from Rancher Labs. For any bugs or questions, users are encouraged to post their issues here:

Project GitHub Location
rio https://github.com/rancher/rio/issues
k3os https://github.com/rancher/k3os/issues


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