Will Rancher fix the issue and release a patch, if the problem is root-caused in one of the Rancher 2.x CNI plugin add-ons such as Weave and Calico?

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No. However, Rancher will do one of the following, to help Customer resolve the issue root-caused to be in an add-on such as Weave and Calico:

  • Should the issue have been resolved in a later version of the add-on component, Rancher will recommend Customer to upgrade to this version, along with the necessary upgrades to versions of Rancher and Kubernetes that has been certified for this later version of the add-on.
  • If the issue is unresolved in any acceptable versions of the add-on, Rancher will advise Customer to contact the add-on vendor directly for issue resolution. Should a new version or patch be provided by the add-on vendor, Rancher will validate its relevant product versions on the new version or patch and certify it as supported for Customer deployment.


Any inclusion of add-ons such as weave and calico as a certified component in the Rancher support matrix, is based on Rancher's own testing and validation of these add-ons with their default configuration settings. If the root cause of an issue is identified to be related to scale and performance, changes to default settings may be necessary. In this case, Rancher Support may recommend an engagement with Rancher Consulting or a partner to fine tune the settings for scale and performance.

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