'Error: snapshot missing hash but --skip-hash-check=false' when performing `rke etcd snapshort-restore` with .zip extension included in snapshot name

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When performing an etcd snapshot restore via RKE, including the .zip file extension in the snapshot name parameter, i.e. rke etcd snapshot-restore --name snapshot.zip and a snapshot filename of snapshot.zip, the restoration fails with an error of the following format:

FATA[0020] [etcd] Failed to restore etcd snapshot: Failed to run etcd restore container, exit status is: 128, container logs: Error: snapshot missing hash but --skip-hash-check=false


  • This issue is applicable to RKE CLI v0.2.x, starting with v0.2.5, v0.3.x and v1.0.x


This issue is caused by the incorrect inclusion of the .zip file extension to the snapshot name parameter.

The snapshot name parameter (--name) should contain the snapshot name, excluding the file extension.

In the example of a snapshot filename of snapshot.zip the correct name parameter is therefore just snapshot, i.e. rke etcd snapshot-restore --name snapshot.

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