Groups assigned Project roles do not display under the Edit Project view in the Rancher v2.2.4 UI

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Despite being able to successfully assign user groups a project role, the groups are not listed under Members in the Edit Project view in the Rancher v2.2.4 UI.

After adding a new group to the project as follows:

Adding a group to a project

The newly added group does not display in the list:

Listing members of a project

However, querying the projectRoleTemplateBindings for the project via the Rancher API confirms it has been successfully added:


    "annotations": {
        "": "true",
        "": "true"
    "baseType": "projectRoleTemplateBinding",
    "created": "2019-09-19T10:19:08Z",
    "createdTS": 1568888348000,
    "creatorId": "user-2qtnq",
    "groupId": null,
    "groupPrincipalId": "freeipa_group://cn=developers,cn=groups,cn=accounts,dc=ipa,dc=example,dc=com",
    "id": "p-nbhcs:prtb-nq2c9",
    "labels": {
        "": "norman"
    "links": {
        "remove": "…/v3/projectRoleTemplateBindings/p-nbhcs:prtb-nq2c9",
        "self": "…/v3/projectRoleTemplateBindings/p-nbhcs:prtb-nq2c9",
        "update": "…/v3/projectRoleTemplateBindings/p-nbhcs:prtb-nq2c9"
    "name": "prtb-nq2c9",
    "namespaceId": null,
    "projectId": "c-r5gcn:p-nbhcs",
    "roleTemplateId": "project-member",
    "type": "projectRoleTemplateBinding",
    "userId": null,
    "userPrincipalId": null,
    "uuid": "ead04e5d-dac6-11e9-9a87-0242ac110002"



  • This issue only affects Rancher v2.2.4

Root Cause

This issue is caused by a UI bug (GitHub Issue #20760) in Rancher v2.2.4 that was patched in Rancher v2.2.5.


Users should upgrade Rancher to v2.2.5 or above to resolve the issue.

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