'[object Object]' error attempting to edit Load Balancing or Service Discovery resource YAMLs via the UI in Rancher v2.1.7 - v2.2.3

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Selecting View/Edit YAML on Load Balancing (Ingress) or Service Discovery (Service) resources in the Rancher UI for Rancher v2.1.7 - v2.2.3 fails to display the resource YAML and displays an error [object Object] per the screenshot below.

Load Balancing and Service Discovery Edit YAML error in Rancher v2.1.7 - v2.2.3


  • This issue is only applicable to Rancher v2.1.x, starting with v2.1.7, and Rancher v2.2.x, from Rancher v2.2.0 to Rancher v2.2.3

Root Cause

Issue was caused by an incorrect content-length header returned by the Rancher API for gzipped responses (GitHub Issue #19723) and was patched in Rancher v2.2.4.


In affected versions of Rancher it is still possible to edit the YAML of Load Balancing (Ingress) or Service Discovery (Service) resources by using the kubectl CLI.


Users should upgrade to Rancher v2.2.4 or above to resolve the issue.

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