No monitoring for etcd in the local Rancher cluster with cluster monitoring in Rancher v2.2.x

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When enabling cluster monitoring in Rancher v2.2.x, upon the local cluster running the Rancher server itself, no monitoring metrics are available for the etcd instances within the cluster.


  • An RKE provisioned Rancher HA cluster
  • Rancher v2.2.x
  • Cluster monitoring enabled on the local Rancher cluster

Root cause

Cluster monitoring was introduced in Rancher v2.2.0 and when enabled for a Rancher launched Kubernetes clusters, i.e. a custom cluster or using node templates for an infrastructure provider, will include etcd monitoring metrics. The local cluster running Rancher, whilst provisioned via RKE, is an imported cluster from the Rancher perspective. As a result etcd monitoring metrics are not collected and displayed for this cluster.


An enhancement request to include etcd monitoring metric collection, for the local Rancher cluster, within Rancher cluster monitoring is tracked in Rancher Issue #18619.

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