Editing Rancher launched Kubernetes cluster in infrastructure provider restricted to creating user

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When attempting to edit a Rancher launched Kubernetes cluster, hosted on nodes in an infrastructure provider neither the Cluster Options nor Node Pools sections are available and configurable in the edit cluster view, if logged in as a different user to the cluster creator.


  • A Rancher v2.x launched Kubernetes cluster, provisioned on nodes hosted in an infrastructure provider
  • Access to the Rancher UI as a user different to the cluster creator

Root cause

Node templates contain the configuration parameters for provisioning nodes in a specific cloud provider.

Node templates are user-scoped and, as a result, where userA creates a node template in Rancher it is not accessible by userB. This prevents Rancher launched Kubernetes clusters, provisioned on nodes in an infrastructure provider by userA from being edited by other users, as only userA has access to the node template configuration.


An enhancement request to enable users, other than the cluster creator, to edit Rancher launched Kubernetes clusters is tracked in Rancher GitHub Issue #12038.

Where it is necessary for another user to edit the cluster, i.e. the original user who created the cluster has left the business, it is possible to re-associate the node template with a different user. If you encounter this situation, please open a ticket with Rancher Support for assistance.

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