Enhancements in Rancher 1.6.x, from 1.6.14 to 1.6.30

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Document last updated: July 10, 2020

This is a select list of bug fixes, security-related fixes, performance improvements and some feature enhancements to Rancher v1.6 since 1.6.14. Please visit the release notes page on GitHub for each maintenance release for more details on a specific release.

Item Type Track Version released in Details
Updated HAProxy to the latest version (v2.1.4) in rancher/lb-service-haproxy:v0.9.14 to address CVE-2020-11100 in HAProxy. Bug/CVE Security 1.6.30  CVE
Enabled more AWS instances types in Rancher UI RFE Functionality  1.6.29  GH-19826
Enabled official support for RHEL 7.7 RFE Functionality 1.6.29  GH-22811
Fixed vulnerability affecting the built-in node drivers having a file path option that allowed the machine to read arbitrary files from inside the Rancher server container Bug/CVE Security 1.6.28 CVE-2019-12274
Updated HAProxy to v1.8.19 version for Rancher LB service and Rancher Kubernetes ingress controller RFE Security, Performance 1.6.27 GH-17932 
Added support for distinguishing between system and user calls going through the API interceptor chain RFE Performance 1.6.26 GH-15499
Fixed an issue where Rancher was dying of OOM due to keeping a lot of instance records in memory unnecessarily. The issue mostly affected k8s environments. Bug Performance  1.6.26 GH-15935
APIInterceptor: authTokenValidator interceptor does not close http response that can lead to connection pool depletion when interceptor is in path of many API calls, resulting in slower response times Bug  Performance 1.6.26 GH-17731
Fixed an issue with SAML login failures in setups having multi tiered DNS configuration Bug Functionality 1.6.24 GH-16232
Upgraded Jetty Server to 9.2.26.v20180806 - a release having several security fixes Bug Security 1.6.23 GH-14554
Fixed an issue causing SAML user login failure if the user belonged to large number of groups Bug Functionality 1.6.22 GH-14756 
Fixed a memory leak of rancher-agent Bug Performance 1.6.19 GH-14276
Drop agent.connect for the case when the agent's account no longer exists in Rancher. Symptoms of the issue are "Can not set a value on a null target" errors in the log. Bug Functionality 1.6.19 GH-11621
Enhancement to specific error messages RFE User Experience 1.6.17 GH-11503, GH-11507, GH-11509, GH-11512, GH-11513, GH-11515
Support docker exec from rancher-compose CLI RFE Functionality  1.6.17 GH-8020
Security issue: Docker API proxying in Rancher API Bug Security 1.6.17 GH-8020
Data cleanup fixes and improvements Bug Performance 1.6.16 GH-10841, GH-7050
Fix Hazelcast message amplification  Bug  Performance 1.6.16 GH-3172 (PR)
Minor performance improvement: dropping metadata update requests from the failed agent Bug Performance  1.6.16 GH-3163 (PR)
Harden HAproxy security RFE Security 1.6.15 GH-10207
Secrets and vault secrets bridge RFE Functionality 1.6.15 GH-10500
Newer version of HAProxy (1.8.4). Here is a post from HAProxy on What's new in HAProxy 1.8. RFE Performance 1.6.15 GH-10870, GH-12064
DB performance improvement to address Rancher slow response to agent.connect processes RFE Performance 1.6.15 GH-10753
Multiple minor UI enhancements RFE, Bug User Experience 1.6.14 details


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